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Philippa has spent most of her adult life selling books – now she writes them . . .

A little about them . . .

No End to Snowdrops
‘This complete picture of a complex and brilliant individual sympathetically assesses Kathleen Raine’s work while throwing a critical light on her private life, which was often at odds with her achievements’

Out of the Midst of the Fire
‘In this remarkable tale of tragedy and hope, Philippa Bernard tells the story of the 1,564 Jewish Scrolls of the Law which were rescued from Prague, and brought to¬† in London in 1964’

Beacon of Light
‘ . . . this is a welcome addition to Anglo-Jewish history’

Antiquarian Books – A Companion
This companion sets out to provide essential information required
by those who sell secondhand books and also by those who buy them.

Mithras to Mormon – A Religious History of London

‘London has been moulded by its religions and sects as much as by its secular rulers and financial institutions …’